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Workspace for Advanced ESL Students

Use the resources on this page to work on your English Skills.

Record and listen to your voice with
Voice Recorder
while using any of these on-line resources.

Merriam Webster Dictionary

Free Dictionary
(Dictionary, Encyclopedia, Thesaurus, and more -- with Audio Pronunciation)

InfoVisual Visual Dictionary
(Human Body, Biology, Musical Instruments, Transport)

Vowel Sounds and Spelling

English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions
(Over 3,000 Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions)

Web Concordancer
(Understand vocabulary in context -- use English Simple Search.)

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab
(Excellent Range of Listening Activities with Quizzes, Exercises, and Full Text

(Listening Activities with Quizzes and Text)

CBC News and CTV News
(News and Clips -- use the slider on the video player to play parts of the video again)

Sounds of American English
(Launch English Library)

John Keith Communications Daily Pronunciation Exercises
(Practice These Exercises Early Every Day.)

John Keith Communications Vowel Pronunciation
(Listen and Practice Vowel Charts, Vowel Pronunciation, and Listening Discrimination)

English Grammar Reference and Exercises

(one page list of forms)

Grammar Terms Explained

Advanced Quizzes
(Test Yourself on Quizzes of All Kinds)

Phrases, Clauses, and Sentences
(Explanations and Examples (PDF) )

Writing an Essay
(How to Write Academic Paragraph or Essay (PDF))

Reading for Understanding Three
(High Level Reading Quizzes)

Internet Public Library

Canadian Encyclopedia


VCC ESL Division Lab Links to Internet Resources

More Links at John Keith Communications

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Two Excellent Grammar Books
Available at VCC Bookstore at Broadway Campus:

Understanding and Using English Grammar
(International Version with Answer Key)
by Betty Azar

How English Works
A Grammar Practice Book
by Michael Swan

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Vocabulary Lookup

Full Lookup

Web Concordancer

Dictionary of Idioms

Building a Better Vocabulary

Glossarist: Links to Glossaries

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