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Vocabulary Mainpage

Use the Reference Lookup on the left to find definitions and to practice pronunciation.
Use the external links to look up words individually.

Use Nanogong Audio Recorder or Audio Recorder to record your voice
and compare with the models while online.

In a Word: All About English Vocabulary
    -- original articles about vocabulary, word roots, and prefixes and suffixes with listening, word-lists, and automatic dictionary look-up

   -- an exhaustive List with automatic dictionary look-up with audio pronunciation

Student Lists
   -- useful student-created vocabulary lists have automatic dictionary look-up with audio pronunciation

Do you have a good vocabulary list you want to share? Please send in your lists to John Keith Communications. (The best format is a text file with each word on a separate line.)

Vocabulary Self-Study

To look up words on any webpage or in text copied from any digital source, go to Voycabulary. Copy (Ctrl + C) the URL of the webpage you want to look up or any text and paste (Ctrl + V) it in the window, and choose the reference dictionary you want to use. In many of the dictionaries, you can hear the word pronounced. Use Voice Recorder to practice your pronunciation of the words.

To see examples of the use of vocabulary in context, go to the Web Concordancer. Use "English Simple Search", key in the word, and for "Corpus", select one of the months listed for the Times newspaper. Click on the word in the listing of sentences or fragments in order to read the whole paragraph.

Develop your own digital lists of useful vocabulary, definitions, and example sentences. Copy your word lists into Voycabulary and practice pronunciation with Voice Recorder.

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