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About John Keith Communications

John Keith Communications provides free on-line ESL resources for students and professionals. These English Language resources include pronunciation, oral fluency, listening, vocabulary development, reading, and grammar, as well as technical, business, and academic writing. Resource materials and links are added on an on-going basis.

This website can be used by individuals for independent language learning and by teachers and students for supplementary material. John Keith's clients and Pat and John's students have access to more materials through secure login to other parts of this website.

John Keith Communications also offers English Language services for businesses, conducts workshops for ESL instructors, and publishes The Vancouver Handbook for ESL Students.

John Keith has over twenty years experience instructing English as a Second Language at various schools in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He has conducted local and international workshops in English language skills, tutored professionals in written and oral language, and developed oral fluency courses and technical English pronunciation courses. He has also performed corporate job candidate interviewing and screening.

John has taught at both Vancouver Community College and the British Columbia Institute of Technology, and is now retired.

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Vancouver Handbook